When "Dark Dignity" starts production next month, we'll need dozens of extras to portray background characters, including tribe members - soldiers, hunters, farmers, children and teens - and "The Infected." If you're interested in joining us, please check out the casting notice below.

  • FEMALE ADULTS (tribe members and "The Infected") - ages 18-65; all ethnicities; all types
  • MALE ADULTS (tribe members) - ages 18-25 and 50-65; all ethnicities; all types
  • MALE ADULTS ("The Infected") - ages 18-45; all ethnicities; all types - though tall and broad builds preferred
  • FEMALE & MALE CHILDREN - ages 5-17; all ethnicities; all types

We anticipate that "Dark Dignity" will be a bit of a family affair, so if you, your spouse and your kids would like to join us, you're welcome to submit everyone's info as a group.  

Please send your headshot(s) and resume(s) to with "Extras Casting" in the subject line. We look forward to bringing you along on our journey!