Talulla doesn't sleep, always dreaming of a past she'll never reclaim. Penelope can't rest, forever chasing answers, a solution, a cure. Willa hopes to lead them all to a safe place... to home.

Five years after The Infected plagued North America and beyond, the world is a dark and lonely place. With no currency, government or civilization to speak of, the members of Camp D are constantly on the move. After all, it's not safe to stay in one place too long.

Like other camps who assembled just a few years ago, when the last vestiges of order crumbled, they're a diverse mix of former suburbanites - teachers, doctors, police officers.

Thrust into the badlands of rural landscapes and arid wilderness, they must always be prepared to fight. The dangers hiding behind every shadow may be thieves or gangs... or perhaps the remains of a human now forever changed.

Camp D has grown weary. Living on the fringes of society, their own carefully established order has weakened under the strain of never having enough food, water or shelter to spare for their humble tribe. They've been resourceful, vigilant. And it just hasn't been enough.

When the time comes, how will they handle their last stand? Though the future is bleak, maybe there's hope.

If nothing else, they'll have their dignity.